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Video That Features Taal and Lemery

While doing my daily internet hopping, I was able to see this youtube video made from pictures from Taal and Lemery. Just like to share you this video for more information about Taal Batangas. Video was uploaded by humptydummy.

Just copied this information from their youtube page.

Come and Visit Taal and Lemery Batangas!
This is our Final Requirement in our Subject Principles of Tourism 2.
Presented by BSHRA 1-B
Groups 3 and 4

Great work guys.. Thanks for making this video to educate others about Taal and Lemery.

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  1. This website is wonderful as it provides major tourist attractions of Taal, Batangas, my town. However, I noticed
    a lot of grammatical errors. This needs a lot of editing.

  2. Dexter says:

    @Dr. Norberto M. Boceta,

    Thanks for reminding.. 🙂

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