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Tsokolate or Cacao Chocolate (Tablea)

TableaNowadays, children loves to drink chocolate drink, such as Milo, Ovaltine, Nesqucik and other, but did you know that Batangas has it’s own well known chocolate drink? It is called “Tablea”, it a chocolate that when dissolve in how water will produce a great tasting chocolate drinks.

“Tablea”, spanish word meaning tablet and tsokolate in Filipino language, is made from Cacao. The province of Batangas produces the best cacaos in the Philippines, due to its tropical weather.

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Making the chocolate starts by removing the fresh cacao beans from their pods, and peeling the skin. Then it is dried under the heat of the sun. The cacao beans are roasted (like coffee) for at least 3 hours and grinded manually. While grinding the beans the mixture becomes oily because of the cocoa butter would ooze out from the beans. The blend is mixed with sugar, and then forming it into balls.

Like the Kapeng Barako, it can also be poured at the wise rice. It is also a great companion of Suman. You can find this product in the public market. You may ask my mother or father in our store at Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longganisa store inside the market.

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  1. Maui says:

    Please send price quotation for tablea. Do you have a delivery to olongapo city. How much will be the freight charge?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks you.


  2. George Lozano says:

    Hi, Good Day!!!

    we are starting a new business in lipa that would include the table. if we can get your prize quotation so we can study the pricing. We are currently looking for a possible supplier of it.

    If you can provide your contact no. as soon as possible and your exa t address so we can set up a meeting.

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