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Tapa, Food To Try While in Taal

One of the best product that visitors can get from our town is  the Pork Tapa also known as Tapang Taal. It is made of Pork, Soy Sauce, Garlic, and other ingredients that make it really tasty. There are lots of ways to cook Tapa. It can either be fried or grilled.


The Tapa can only be seen in the public market. The above shown pictures are taken from the stall of Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longanisa. For orders, customers may contact Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longanisa as mentioned in the about page of this blog.

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  5. Looks yummmmmy! 🙂
    How about a write-up/review of some restaurants in Taal?

  6. admin says:

    @ q8 restaurants

    Soon I will..

  7. […] is a great souvenir from Taal Batangas, but of course don’t forget to taste Tapang Taal and Longanisang […]

  8. jehzlau says:

    nakaka gutom ang tapang taal na to ah.. 😀

  9. admin says:


    Nakakagutom talaga yan.. he he he business ng parents ko sa Batangas

  10. Happy Trails says:

    hala? kakatakam naman yung pic! sana makapunta ako ng taal at bili ng tapa 😉

  11. Dexter says:

    @Happy Trails,

    Matitikman nyo rin po iyan.. masarap po talaga 🙂

  12. Hindi ko pa ito natitikman. 🙂

    Ey, added this to my blog links. 😉

  13. Dexter says:

    @Batangas Beach Resorts,

    Punta na sa Taal malapit lang yan sa inyo.. pasyal ka doon sa tindahan namin he he he .. mukhang malakas na bentahan mo ng lupa ah 🙂

  14. […] things that could be seen in Taal Batangas, it includes great foods and a nice pre hispanic place. Tapang Taal is one of the famous food in the place and coupled with Longanisa .Our site called Best of Taal […]

  15. Romel says:

    yap..the best talaga tapa ng taal!!! nagutom tuloy ako, hehe

  16. Dexter says:


    Ako nga rin every year ko lang natitikman ang tapa kasi OFW ako :).. Salamat for dropping by my parents site.

  17. Ma'Lee DeCastro Panganiban says:

    Dexter, you are doing a good job for your campaign and good promotion for the best tapa and longanisang Taal. Carry on your good work and hope everything are alright with the family. God bless us all. Tita or(lola) Ma’Lee

  18. Dexter says:

    @Ma’Lee DeCastro Panganiban,

    Tita, thanks po for visiting our blog. This is also a way to promote Tatay and Nanay’s Business in Taal. As well as letting other people know about the existence of Pork Tapa and Longanisa from our Town, Taal. God Bless din po Tita..

  19. egay balayo says:

    masarap talaga yan gawang batangas eh!!matagal na rin akong ndi nakakatikim nyan eh!taga laurel ako kaya lang dito na ko sa australia nakatira sa sydney wala ga kyong branch dine maggawa n kyo palagi na laang pampanga ang natitikman eh ka tam -is naman eh iba yang gawa sa atin!!!

  20. Dexter says:

    @egay balayo,

    OO nga po.. Sa ngayon po ay wala pa kaming branch sa Sydney.. God willing po magkakaroon din.. 🙂

  21. […] would suggest trying native delicacy, like our very own Tapang Taal, a soy sauce marinated pork, Longanisang Taal, Sinaing na Tulingan, Suman and many […]

  22. why not advertise include the place of Bo. Ilog where the best suman is made

  23. Dexter says:

    @Glenn Salazar,

    Could you give me some details through our contact page. I would love to feature the Suman from Bo. Ilog 🙂

  24. […] network blogs. [ Taal Batangas – El Pasubat ] , Don’t forget to visit and taste our very own Tapang Taal from Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and […]

  25. […] I can’t explain the taste, it is something that will make you crave for more rice and tapa. […]

  26. mommy nuts says:

    masarap talaga ang Tapang Taal. da best! Now, i know where to go to the next time I visit Taal, Gerry and Lheen!

  27. Dexter says:

    @mommy nuts,

    Salamat po. Next time you visit Taal, call my mom she might help you in other things that you want to get from our place 🙂

  28. Lance says:

    Hi Dex, gaano kalayo yan from the Plaza? sayang talaga sana noon ko pa nakita tong site mo!

  29. Dexter says:


    Mga 5 minutes walk lng from plaza

  30. Julez says:

    hi, im a HRM student from batangas state university,..
    saan, po pd mag-interview..this is 4 our research topic which is “The Assessment of Collection of original recipes of food delicacies found in selected town and cities of Batangas.” and Taal will be our first stop. tnx and godbless!!!!!

  31. Dexter says:


    You may check our contact page, but if you are going to check out about the recipe of Taal Tapa sorry but it cannot be provided

  32. Wilma of laurel says:

    Pede po mahinge ang recipe ng tapang Taal? Thanks and god bless sa business nyo.. Nandto po ako sa Jacksonville Florida USA.

  33. Anselmo Diwa III says:

    My wife is from Taal, Batangas, I can say that Longganisang Taal is one of the best tasting longganisa I had tasted. I never missed buying a kilo or two whenever we visit my inlaws in Taal. You should try it and Im sure that you will love it. best for breakfast with sinangag and hot chocolate.

  34. Dexter says:

    @Anselmo Diwa III,

    Perfect po talaga sa almusal yang longanisa.. 🙂 Salamat po sa pagbisita sa aming blog. next time you may want to try ” Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longanisa”

  35. Dexter says:

    @Wilma of laurel,

    Sorry but it is one of the secret that has been kept from different generation..

  36. […] ofcourse you should not miss tasting the very delicious Tapang Taal and Longanisang Taal. You may contact my parents Gerry and Lheen if you need to pre-order prior to […]

  37. Hi Dexter, kabayan! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my site. First time to hear/read about tapang Taal here, will surely try it when we visited Taal again. Thanks and see you around. 🙂

  38. Dexter says:

    @Tal | ThePinayWanderer,

    Hello, Thanks also for visiting my site. I saw your blog by searching for recent blogs about Taal Batangas and hoping to promote our very own Tapang Taal. Hope you could visit my parents stall ( Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longganisa ) on your next visit in Taal. And hoping you could also blog about it :). Again thanks for your visit.

  39. […] think of building a site that will promote my home town as well as promoting my parents business , Tapang Taal. The site will detail different things that could be seen in Taal Batangas , We name the site The […]

  40. […] we would like you to visit our site : The Best of Taal Batangas and taste our irresitable Tapang Taal and Longanisang Taal we hope to see you. BTW you should try Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and […]

  41. Eunice says:

    Magkano prices nyo ng tapa at longanisa? 🙂

  42. Mondi says:

    Dear Sir / Ma’am:

    Greetings from your Kapuso Network!

    MIDNIGHT SNACK is a food segment that airs every Monday -Thursday, 11 pm on GMA news program “SAKSI”. This segment features the country’s top meals, hosted by Mikael Daez.

    We are currently producing the segment entitled “tapang taal”.

    In line with this, we would like to ask permission from your good office to allow us to shoot your complete establishment with complete set-up, cooking process, food shots, and let our host taste the said food as part of his segment.

    The shoot will be done tomorrow, September 7,Saturday and it will only take maximum of 3 hours, although we request to have time allowance just in case there might be schedule changes and for travel time difficulties. The team will be composed of our host, executive producer together with our cameraman and assistant cameraman.

    We do apologize for the short notice. We will have with us a Professional handheld camera, tripod and audio equipment.

    Should you have inquiries regarding this matter, please feel free to call us at 982-7777 loc 1410 or call me directly at my mobile number, 0906-522-1387.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family!

    Sincerely yours,

    Mondi Cabansag

  43. Dexter says:

    OOpss I miss this invitation

  44. Letlet says:

    Where can I find the best tapa, embutido and tablea in Taal, Batangas? My husband has been looking forward to eating his Grandma’s dishes when he was a kid. He wasn’t able to eat it when his Grandma died. I wanted to make him happy especially he misses his Grandma so much.

  45. Dexter says:

    You can find it from Gerry and Lheen and we can also deliver in Manila. Please sen it here – and contact details can be found here –

  46. Aileen paybay says:

    Sir/mam ask q lang po pwde po umangkat sa nyo ng tapa…how mich po ang killo ng tapang baboy?

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