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Tamales from Taal Batangas ( Pics and Verdict )

tamales 1tamales open

We would like to introduce the Tamales. It is a delicious native delicacy from Taal. It is wrapped with banana leaves with ingredients as follows : pork, eggs and nuts all together in a sticky atsuete colored rice cake.

It is not a sweet delicacy, it tastes a little bit salty. This might not be for everybody and might not be a food which can be called as love at first taste.

But I can say that when ever visitors tried this one, they will be in love with it’s taste. This could be a reason to go back to Taal to get another one. Some Taalenos love to make it customize and include Tapa as it’s ingredients instead of an ordinary pork.

I think it would be better if visitors could give verdict about this tasty Taal delicacy.
tamales open


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Comments (6)


  1. My Ninang used to sell tamales in Nueva Ecija when I was young. I prefer her sumang monggo though 🙂

  2. miro says:

    wew..bago lang yan..ang masarap tamales na original ay sa Ibaan, batangas.

  3. sheryl says:

    Hi. ask ko lng, san po ba production nito? my number po ba kayo? salamat.. 🙂

  4. Syra says:

    Saan po ba particularly sa Ibaan ang original maker nito 🙂 can i have the contact and information? for research purposes

  5. Dexter says:

    Hello Syra,

    Wala po akong contactd etails, dahil palengke ko na lang po binibili yang tamales.

  6. renz says:

    ask nyo yung remars sa ibaan, cla isa sa mga unang gumagawa dun ng tamales ibaan

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