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Suggestion About Having Taal Batangas Tour

If you are planning to go to Batangas and make a Taal Batangas Tour, I think I could help you. There are many good places to visit in Taal Heritage Town, The place is known for having lots of Ancestral Pre Hispanic Houses. One of which is Don Leon Apacible Ancestral House and Agoncillo Ancestral House ( Maker of Philippine Flag ) and many more.

Taal Batangas is also known for different beach resorts located in Butong, Taal Batangas ( One of the Baranggay of Taal which is 10 minutes drive from Town ). I have some pictures taken at Little Bridge Resort when we stayed for a 2 days vacation with my colleagues from Manila.

Butong Taal Batangas , Beach Side

There are also beach resorts in a nearby town called Lemery Batangas, particularly in Nonong Casto place.

If you are looking for some place to stay I would probably recommend staying in old houses turned to Hotel or you could rent a Cabana or Cottages in beach resorts and just ride a tricycle going to the town. Beach resorts ( in Butong and not in Nonong Casto ) are very near to town.

You could also go to places where they actually make ” Burda ” or ” Barong Tagalog Embroidery shops ” some shops could show you how they are actually doing those things.

The town is also known for having ” Bente Nuebe ” or ” Balisong “, a knife made of steel with really fascinating handle. It could be found at Baranngay Balisong which could be reached thru tricycle or Jeep bound to Batangas City from Taal Market. Anyway you could ask the local on how to reach Brgy Balisong.

You may also want to taste the ” Suman ” and ” Panutsa “, both are  native delicacy of the town. we suggest to look for Addie and Coring stall.

You should not also miss visiting Basilica of Taal Batangas which is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.

We also suggest visitors to try our very own Tapa and Longganisa. You may contact my parents Gerry and Lheen if you need to pre-order prior to your arrival or while you are enjoying swimming in the beach resorts. ( If you are planning to go there by group and you need about 10 kilos or more of tapa for your food ) You may contact them anytime and you could arrange for any payment method that you could agree with them. Tell them that you read it hear from

You may contact me ( by the way I also own ) and I can arrange for any payment facility that you may want. It could be thru PayPal or thru Credit Card ( via Paypal ) and my parents could deliver Tapa in Butong, ( subject to the quantity of order ) . And I think they could also accept Metrobank Bank Transfer.

We hope you could have a pleasant stay in Taal Batangas and just let me know thru comments if there is anything we could do to help you.

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  3. Anna Apacible-Varona says:

    We’re a group of photographers who would like to visit Taal.
    We would like to take photos of the market and the churches but we can’t find a map on how to go there. Google maps is very generic and I was hoping to find a map that contained landmarks.

    I would truly appreciate your help.

    Btw, I am from Nasugbu. I do know that I have to turn left at Diokno and pass through Lemery but it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. (Decades actually). It would help tremendously if I had landmarks so I know if we’re going the right way.

  4. Dexter says:

    @Anna Apacible-Varona,

    Hello Ann, Thanks for the comment it is actually easy to go to Taal Batangas, You just head over Lemery Batangas at the town proper. and just go straight ahead and you will for sure find the Taal Church. If you need further assistance in Taal you could call my mother or father at the contact details provided at the about page.

    Ooppss don’t forget to taste our tapang taal 🙂

  5. Dexter says:

    @Anna Apacible-Varona,

    I don’t know where is Diokno.

  6. Josh says:


    Would like to visit Taal this December. How long is the travel time from Lipa? The last time I was in Taal is when I was only 8 or 9 years old. I want to see the Basilica again.

  7. Great web site! I basically love how it is effortless on my eyes along with the data are properly written. I’m wondering how I could possibly be notified whenever a brand new post has been produced. I have subscribed for your rss feed which need to do the trick! Have a good day!

  8. Dexter says:


    Sorry for the late reply. I was busy this fast days.. but it will only took you 1 hour from Lipa.

  9. Ruth Yap says:

    Hi ! My kids and I (aged 7 to 10) would like to spend a few days in Batangas get a little culture and just have fun can youy suggest where we could stay specifically and what if we dont bring a car can we manage w/o private transpo? Can we stay in a converted ancestral house that has modern ammenities? Will it be near a beasch? Iam not really a seasoned traveller but I would like to explore with my kids. Thanks a lot hope you could help

  10. Dexter says:

    @Ruth Yap,

    There are hotels in Taal Batangas, where you could stay. But I would suggest to bring a private car. Those house would be about 10 minutes drive to the beach resort. Through tricycle. That is why I do suggest you bring your own car if possible. You can see lots of good places in Taal if you could roam around freely.

  11. Monic says:

    Good Day!

    I am from Manila. A tourism student of PUP. I just want to know if there is a place in Taal, Batangas where it can accomodate 200 pax? I am making a tour itinerary for us. Hope you can help me. Thanks!

  12. Dexter says:

    It seems to be a big number of delegates. But we could check and inform. One possibility is stayong in beach resorts

  13. bennet amoroso says:


    test. test.

    thank you

  14. Dexter says:

    Its working

  15. Leah says:

    hi. I would just like to know if you could recommend any accommodation for a group of 5-6 persons just for overnight stay. We were planning to have some photo sessions on the ancestral structures at Taal, Batangas this coming weekend. We also want to trek Taal volcano crater. Is it possible to commute from Taal, Batangas to Agoncillo, Batangas. Hope you could enlighten me.
    btw, we are coming from manila
    thanks alot!

  16. Dexter says:


    It is possible to commute from Taal Batangas to Agoncillo but you need to go early, I think last trip will only be up to 5 PM via Jeep or Van. ( From Tall to Agoncillo )

    When it come to accommodation , I would suggest for you to get accommodation somewhere in Butong Taal Batangas ( Beach Resort ) – Having relaxation near beach resort is also good. But there are also Ancestral House in Taal which was converted into Hotel.
    Try to call my mother Lheen ( 0063-916-7905898 ) she can help you..

  17. Leah says:

    Thank you Sir Dexter! :,) I already contacted Casa Punzalan and reserve rooms for Saturday. We’ll try to visit your parent’s store and taste the famous Tapa and Longanisang Taal.
    More power to you!

  18. rose ann domingo says:

    hi we always go on nonong casto every summer, but now i want to try the resorts on butong can you give me some resorts and accomodations

  19. Dexter says:


    Thanks.. I hope by now.. You have already tasted our Tapa and Longganisa 🙂

  20. Dexter says:

    @rose ann domingo,

    I have tried Little Bridge resort .. Don’t forget to visit my parents Special Tapa and Longanisa 🙂

  21. raquel says:

    hi, i would like to ask if you know of any business in taal that do hand embroidery , i knew that they are well known for it. I really would like to know asap coz I’m scouting products that I can bring to Canada for my business there. Thanks a lot.

  22. Dexter says:


    Hello thanks for the visit you ay contact my parents at

  23. Michang says:

    Hi my boyfriend and I is planning to go to taal batangas this august. I have few questions before we go there.

    1. how to go to taal batangas from cubao
    2. last trip from taal batangas to manila
    3. where to go to buy the famous tapang taal ang longanisang taal
    4. where to eat lunch and merienda
    5. best place to buy pasalubong suman etc.

    Thank you very much

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  25. Dexter says:


    Hello I just responded all your question through this post :

  26. Lobel Lurie says:

    I am so happy to see your site! I know by heart each person you mentioned. I am looking for a full service resort, can you recommend several I can check out? Salamat.

  27. Dexter says:

    @Lobel Lurie,

    I have tried little beach resort in Butong Taal Batangas. But you ay call my parents at the number provided in our contact page so they may direct you through the proper location.

    Taal Public Market Phone # 0063-43-4081504

    Mr Gerry and Lheen Cel # – 0063-916-7905898

  28. Cedrick says:

    Hi, my girlfriend and I are planning to go on a trip there mid of november. I tried to call your parents but was unsuccessful to reach them, we’ll be needing to a place to stay overnight at so I was hoping your folks could probably help us find one. Anyhow, you got my email so please contact me back soon. BTW, i’d like to try that tapa that you mentioned above. Thanks man!

  29. Dexter says:


    Thanks for contacting, you may try to contact this hotel :

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  32. me-ann daymon says:

    how to go to taal batangas from cavite?

  33. Dexter says:

    @me-ann daymon,

    You may check this one :

    in addition kapag nangagaling ako sa Bacoor, hintay ako ng bus papuntang balayan than baba ako sa may ” Payapa” then ride another jeepney to “Lemery” then from Lemery to Taal..

    PWede ring Bacoor to Tagaytay >> Payapa >> Lemery >> Taal..

    Pwede ring through Alabang >> Taal Batangas (via) bus going to Lemery..

    You may also came from Buendia >> Lemery >> Taal.. maraming FX doon

  34. meann daymon says:

    thanks dennis

  35. elenizapira says:

    were fr.pasig so alabang na lang kmi sakay ,how much nman po ang fare ng bus,kse budget ako para lang mkarating kmi taal at gusto ko yung tapa talaga matikman thank you ”Godbless”

  36. Dexter says:


    Siguro if you are from Pasig di ba mas madali pumunta sa Cubao.. From Cubao malapit sa Ali Mall may Bus Station po doon papuntang Lemery.. na dadaan sa Taal.

  37. thet johnson says:


    i would just like to ask about the picture in this website, what s the name of the beach resort

  38. Dexter says:

    It’s Little Bridge Resort

  39. Dexter says:

    @thet johnson,

    Little Bridge beach Resort

  40. Dan says:

    Check out the official tourism website of Taal @

  41. Jeann says:

    Hi anong bus ang deretsong Taal Batangas from Coastal Mall Paranaque.tnx Planning to buy tapang taal at the same time visit Taal Church.

  42. lysandra says:

    Hi! I would like to know how much would it cost me to go to basilica in taal if I’m from lipa, and what I am going to ride.. thanks.. I want to go there maybe tomorrow or on friday so I hope you could help me.. ☺:)

  43. Ash Azares says:

    Thanks for the info. You may also visit and check Playa Calatagan Residences, they offer beach condos for sale in Batangas.

  44. Hi! I’m planning to tour my kids to taal batangas….we will visit the church first and the heritage houses then try the suman,tapa,longganisa,and other delicasies…Then i will bring my kids to the beach…not an overnight but just a couple of hours to swim.Please give me the contact number of Little Bridge Resort you mentioned above,so i can make a reservation(cottage)before we go there.Please send it to my email.Thank you and hoping you will acknowledge my concerns…God bless po.

  45. thess says:

    hi dexter.. plan to have a summer outing w/ my 2 kids .. overnight accomodation wd beach and pool..any suggestions best budget deals .. side trip on your taal heritage site and want to try your famous tapa.. tentative sched is april 28-29 for my post bday celeb..thx

  46. Chris says:

    Hi Dex,

    I’m not sure if this website is still up and running but i could use any help as possible. If you have time, maybe you can help me determine the price range of beach/resort fees, specially Little Bridge. Also, are your parents still selling tapa, i’d love to try Taal tapa for sure?

  47. Dexter says:

    I will try to get some information po. Yes my parents are still selling Tapa and they will love to sell you on your your visit. I suggest you to call my mom through this number – 0063-916-7905898

  48. Dexter says:

    Hello Mam Thes can you call my mom (Marilyn) through this number as she can help you 0063-916-7905898

  49. Dexter says:

    You may try this number for little bridge..

    Contact Information
    Telephone Numbers: (043) 772-2190 / (043) 772-2191 / (043) 772-2192
    Official Website:
    Email Address: [email protected]

    And for my mom for Tapa and Longanisa call here at 0063-916-7905898 (Marilyn)

  50. Dexter says:

    Your most welcome you may want to sell Tapa in your resort . Contact my mom at 0063-916-7905898 (marilyn)

  51. Dexter says:

    You may ride a jeep bound to Lemery and Tell them that you are going to Taal. If teh jeep will not passby Taal you can take tricycle from Lemery to Taal.

  52. Dexter says:

    You may ride buses bound to Lemery. Contact my mom Marilyn for further details – 0063-916-7905898

  53. Cheryl valle says:

    Hi. I would just like to ask. We will be having our day tour in fortune island and will be back to nasugbu proper early evening. How do we get to taal batangas? Where to go and what bus to ride? Thanks!

  54. Aurea Kurz says:

    what arte the essiest way from taal churcl going to taal lake..

  55. Aurea Kurz says:

    ask lng po sa mga nkakaalam;kapag galing ng Bauan at pupunta ng Taal Lake, anu dapat na sakyan.At ilan oras kaya..

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