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Suman, Rice Cake Wrapped with Banana Leaves from Taal Batangas

One of the kakanin or Taal Delicacy that a visitor should not forget to try in Taal Batangas is the suman, Suman is a rice cake wrapped in banana leaves. It is available in Taal Public Market, you can look for us and we could guide you to the store that could give you the best suman from Taal. There are other suman which is also popular in Taal, it is called suman sa lihiya or sumang magkayakap (tamalis).

The picture shown is what we called suman.

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  2. Novell says:

    Mmmm, katakam takam, in our place in Mindanao, we call suman with many names, “bud bud”, “ibos” !

  3. Nice to know those names.. Welcome to our site.. and hope you could visit Taal soon 🙂

  4. Anselmo Diwa III says:

    Wow, ang sarap ng suman na yan, promised, I think it cost 5pesos each na yata.

  5. Dexter says:

    @Anselmo Diwa III,

    Malapit ko na rin ulit matikman ito.. malapit na ang vacation namin sa Taal 🙂

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