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Paho (Pajo), Mangga and Bagoong Balayan

Whenever I go for vacation during summer season, I make sure that my parents will buy me a Pajo (Paho), It looks like a small mango but it is not a mango. It is something I love to eat as a side dish for Tapa and Longanisa. I normally put a “fish sauce (patis)” made from sinaing na tulingan or “Bagoong Balayan” as shown below.

I can’t explain the taste, it is something that will make you crave for more rice and tapa.

This is only available during summer season. So next time you visit taal during summer season ask my parents ( Gerry and Lheen )  on where to buy pajo and “Bagoong Balayan” ~ anchovies from Balayan Batangas.

Bagoong Balayan is available all year round. and could be ought at store in Taal Public Market.

paho compared to mango

Mango and Pajo (Paho) side by side

paho in a plate

Pajo ( Paho ) 

pajo 1

Mango and Pajo Side by Side

bagoong balayan

Bagoong Balayan

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Comments (6)


  1. mommynuts says:

    oh my pajo! pajo has a unique taste that you really couldn’t explain exactly what it is. you’ll crave for more once tasted.. mapapakanin ka talaga!

  2. Dexter says:

    Totally agree.. Soon I will be able again to taste this.. 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    Boss wala ba talaga tayo mabibiling pajo ngayon… Ang tagal pa kasi ng summer… Gusto ko ng mag pajo…. Hehe

  4. Guillermo Facundo says:

    On top of what you guys said,its best eaten with tablea or Batangas chocolate,mixed with garlic or plain rice,red egg and tinindag or barbeque,Batangas style..its heaven on earth…pajo is good with anything fried,esp fish…or with sinain na tulingan..truly a Batangas fare

  5. Dexter says:

    Wow I miss my place and Taal Food 🙂 Thanks for commenting and visit to our blog

  6. Mark Vincent Padpad Marquez says:

    Sir/mam… Meron pa po bang mabibilihan today ng pajo dito sa manila… Thanks

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