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Happy New Year to All Our Readers and Customers


We would like to greet our readers and visitor a Happy Happy New Year. This is a great year for us maintaining this site. We were able to inform lots of tourist query about Taal Batangas. Our site might not be the official website of Taal Batangas, but I believed we have shared great information about Taal Batangas to Taal tourist. We also believed that we have added value to Taal Batangas Tourism.

In addition we would also like to thank our newly found customer at “Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longanisa” (This website owner). Rest assured that we will maintain the great taste of Tapa and Longanisa. Thanks for all great comment after tasting our specialty in Taal.

You may continue to send inquiry about Taal through our comment section, contact page, phone number or even at our Facebook page : The Best Of Taal Batangas.

If you happen to visit Taal and you found this site helpful, we would be great to have your pictures in Taal Batangas posted in this site. We will give due credit to the owner of the pics.

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  1. Nasugbu Fan says:

    Tnx for the visit… I already bought some tapas from your store the first time I visited Taal this year. Will definetely go back there since our group Diwa ng Batangan regularly meets there… I was there last 11.11.11… Cheers… Happy New Year…;-)

  2. Dexter says:

    @Nasugbu Fan,

    Wow.. great to know that.. I just happen to see you site via Google search of the recent post about Taal Batangas.. Thanks for dropping at our store.. 🙂 Happy New year also.

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