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[Featured Blog Post] The Daily Posh Visit To Taal

I believe it would be great if we can feature some blog post made by Taal Visitors. So starting today we will constantly update this blog with links to new post made by Taal Travellers, we will feature their suggestions and their findings about Taal Batangas.

Today I found a post made by Aylin Vedad through The Daily Posh about their travel in Taal last July 2012 with the Road Trippers.

She also posted great pictures of the Basilica De San Martin De Tours as shown below:


Image Credit : Aylin Vedad of The Daily Posh

She even told the history of Basilica through her Blogpost. So Check out her blog and see the beauty of the Basilica.

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  1. AyLin says:

    Thank you so much! I am so grateful and honored to be featured on your site. More of Batangas soon.

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