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Best Place to Experience Summer Vacation

Don Leon Apacible Ancestral House
Summer vacation will soon start; my family and I will again have the opportunity to stay in Taal Batangas and meet with our relatives. And rest assures that we will add lots of new photos taken from my beloved town Taal Batangas.

Lots of people especially those staying in Manila are looking for ways on how they could spend their summer vacation and make it meaningful. Some might be looking for information on places like Boracay, Ilocos , Cebu , etc.  So let me tell you about a Summer Experience in Taal Batangas.

Little Bridge, Beach Resort Facilities (3)

Taal is a place where you could see old and Pre Hispanic houses, Beach Resorts and you could enjoy Food. Butong, A barangay of Taal Batangas, is popular of having beach resorts and just 10 minutes away from the town proper.

In addition, Taal is also near to Lemery Batangas, particularly Nonong Casto, which is also a place full of beach resorts and is only 20 minutes’ drive from Taal Town Proper.

Butong Taal Batangas (60)

It would be advantageous if visitors could bring their own own car while visiting Taal. However if visitors don’t have private vehicle, tricycle and jeepney are available. Please be noted that taxi is not available in the place.

Jeepney is available on day time and only tricycle on night time, but with extra charges of course.

I would suggest trying native delicacy, like our very own Tapang Taal, a soy sauce marinated pork, Longanisang Taal, Sinaing na Tulingan, Suman and many more.

Butong Taal Batangas (18)

There are also available hotel in Taal Town Proper, where visitors could stay at a reasonable price.

Most tourists in Taal enjoy swimming and visiting old pre-hispanic houses. Taal is also a place where you could see Basilica of Taal Batangas; the largest Catholic Church is Asia.

Experiencing summer vacation in Taal Batangas is something visitors will not regret.

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